Stay 宿泊



Within the district, there are accommodations including old Japanese-style houses, Japanese inns, and guest houses. Enjoy choosing from various travel and lodging options.


shimizuya ときわすれ清水屋




An old Japanese-style house, 40 min. by car from Yonago city, with a relaxed atmosphere and mountainous surroundings. Enjoy quiet and solitude with a reservation system limited to one group per day.

Katsumiya 古民家「かつみや」




 Katsumiya is a 100-year-old Japanese-style house registered as a tangible cultural asset and located in Nichinan-town (Tottori prefecture).  An experience-based farm residence whose owner has a warm, welcoming personality.

Traditional Inn kadowaki  門脇旅館




The hospitable atmosphere is leisurely, unhurried, and homey. Guest services are simple, yet friendly, allowing you to quietly escape the din of everyday life.

Traditional Inn okamoto  おかもと旅館




Okamoto Ryokan is located close to Ebi Station (JR Hakubi Line) in a mountainous area backed by verdant nature and fronted by the sparkling waters of the Hino river. The rooms are calm and quiet, and the style of hospitality is warm and attentive. Indulge yourself in our amazing cuisine prepared with a seasonal menu.

SASAKI house 古民家「沙々樹」



 An historic building constructed in 1829 during the Edo period. Spend a leisurely time relaxing in a room with an attached garden. Meals are served in a group setting.

orenchI  俺ん家



A new guest house will open in Hino Town! You can stay in a house of feel at home.

bon pan nya 個民家リトリート ぼん・ぱん・にゃ




In the lodge run by the  couple of yogi, you can participate lessons of 2 nights 3 days instead of just only staying.