Mt.Houbutu 宝仏山



登山口:日野町根雨 日野町歴史民俗資料館横




 A mountain that offers easy access from Neu Station on the JR Hakubi Line. The height is 1,005 meters and the route is relatively straight forward. The altitude gain from the starting point is approx. 800 meters, offering a tranquil ascent. Beech, cedar, sawtooth oak, and other trees are visible along the route. Best for those who exercise fairly regularly.


Distance: approx. 6 km

Duration: approx. 4-5 hrs.

Mt.Kenashi 毛無山



登山口:江府町俣野 中国電力サージタンク横




 The mountain is especially popular when the dogtooth violets are in bloom (around Golden Week/early May). Access from the side near Tottori prefecture is from Matano, Kofu-town. Height: 1,218 meters A route perfect for hiking, with great scenery as well.

Distance: approx. 5 km

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours

Hiking Guide & Map 奥日野五山 山行ガイド&マップについて





 This guide map helps visitors enjoy the mountain paths of the Hino District.  (* Japanese version only). Please be sure to download this resource.


 Individual mountain tours are also available (please inquire for schedules and guide fees). Please inquire for further details.