Shopping/ お買い物


This is the place to buy specialty items and other souvenirs from the Hino District! We will introduce some recommended shops.

Okudaisen Roadside Station Buna-no Mori Marche 道の駅奥大山物産館 ぶなの森マルシェ



The selection mainly focuses on specialty items from Kofu-town. The facility also includes eateries and direct sales outlets for farm products. Its location along National Route 181 makes access convenient, especially for those on a road trip.

Nichinan Hinogawa-no Sato Roadside Station




Nichinan Hinogawa-no Sato Roadside Station is a sprawling shop with a wide selection of goods. The comfortable feeling of the interior comes from its wood construction. A convenience store is also right next to it.

Kamochi Terrace Hino    金持テラスひの


Kamochi Terrace Hino is located near Neu in Hino-cho and serves as a sightseeing hub. In addition to being able to buy rice, miso, vegetables, and other delicious Hino-cho specialty items, there are also a plethora of sightseeing pamphlets available. 

江府町特産物直売所 みちくさ



In this place, seasonal vegetables are sold at affordable prices. The local atmosphere is also good.