Scenery 風景

スタッフおすすめ!日野郡の絶景スポットを紹介します。We introduce the wonderful view of Hino County. 

Kidanisawa-Keiryu(a mountain stream)木谷沢渓流



 This is a place where you can feel the richness of water and nature. The place is opposite Okudaisen ski area. There is a walking path, and it is recommended to go with easy walking shoes.

Kagikake Pass 鍵掛峠



It is a great place to see the southern wall of Mt,Daisen. Accessible by car. Many tourists visit during autumn leaves season.

thatched hut 御机の茅葺小屋



It is a famous photo spot in Kofu Town. It is a calm place where you can see the southern wall of Mt,Daisen.

Birdwatching hut オシドリ観察小屋



From autumn to the beginning of spring, if timing is good you may be able to see more than 1000 birds at a time. We will recommend it in the early morning (until around 8 o'clock), or after 16 o'clock in the evening.

Firefly observation in fukumaki 福万来のホタル観賞




Fireflies flutter in Nichinan Town from late June to mid-July. It is popular as precious sightseeing spots that can see Genji Firefly and Princess Firefly at the same time. For the latest information and accommodation details, please check this website.