Example route モデルコース




Kidanizawa Mountain Stream & Café Visit  木谷沢渓流&カフェでひといき




Kidanizawa mountain stream is a comforting spot surrounded by Okudaisen's famous pure water and beech trees. After leisurely strolling (in appropriate shoes of course), why not spend some time at a café with gorgeous views? Half a day should be more than enough for this route. Recommended as a nice date option as well!

Mandarin Duck Watching & Kamochi Shrine おしどり観察&金持神社




 From November to late March, we recommend sightseeing that includes the Oshidori (mandarin duck) Observation Hut in Hino-town. Combine this with Kamochi Shrine, the shrine said to have the most auspicious name in Japan (resembling the word for "wealthy"), and round out your leisurely time in Hino-town.

Walking around the EBI area 江尾のまちなか散歩



 We created a walk map of Ebi, the center of Kofu Town. It is a range that can travel around in about 1 to 2 hours. Why do not you walk around in a relaxing area where old-fashioned townscape remains.